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Finding the right financial advisor is all about making a connection. You should not only have confidence in their abilities but be comfortable that they're willing and able to put your personal relationship front and center. Your advisor should be willing to take all the time necessary to answer any questions you have to ensure you know exactly how your wealth is being managed. To simplify this process, we've compiled answers to some of the most common questions our clients have asked us over the years.

What happens after I reach out to Tetley Investments?

Once we connect, the next step will be to set up a meeting in our Chicago office. It will give us the opportunity to learn more about your financial situation, goals, and answer any questions that you may have. Using what we learn at our meeting, we'll begin putting together a custom tailored financial plan to share with you. You can learn more about what to expect on our Approach page.

It will help us get a better sense of your vision, answer any questions and of course, get to know you much better on a personal level. We want to intimately understand how we can create a new financial strategy for you and your family or improve on an existing one. You can learn more about our process by visiting Our Approach page.

What should I bring to my first meeting?

One of the primary goals of our first meeting is to gain a better understanding of your finances as well as receive feedback from everyone involved. Whoever you want included in the discussions are always encouraged to come to the meeting. This may be your spouse, partners, other advisors, or children. It is always beneficial to get everyone on the same page of the conversation from the beginning. In addition, if you have existing investments, we also highly recommend bringing copies of any relevant financial documents including most recent statements.

What are the requirements to become a client?

Rather than focusing on account minimums like many other "big box" firms, our goals are centered more along finding and partnering with clients who share similar principles. We're passionate about forming relationships with clients who entrust and measure our successes by our ability to help them construct and then stick with a long-term financial plan.

We talk a lot about personal relationships. It's not just about the way we help our clients put together their investment portfolio. It's also about the mutual respect we insist on having with each and every person we work with. Our personal approach means we are only seeking to work with individuals who view the relationship between us as a long-term partnership that has the ability to grow overs many years of working together.

What are the differences between working with Tetley versus a large firm?

It's simple why working with a boutique firm like Tetley Investments is so different than the experience at larger firms; personalization and passion. It means we're highly focused and able to provide the personal approach that every client deserves - and more.

Each portfolio is carefully tailored and passionately managed to meet our client's goals. Our strategy allows our investors to build their wealth over time, rather than “get-rich-quick” investment schemes. And unlike most other firms, we "eat home cooking." This means the same investments we advise our clients on is where we put our own money. It's one of the reasons we've been so successful and why our clients continue to stay with us - we're partners in every sense of the word. We are truly are "in it" together.

And although no investment adviser can guarantee results, we can guarantee your money will be invested with the same care and ingenuity by which we manage our own money. It's a philosophy that has proven successful for over two decades. We also don't have middlemen. You'll work directly with everyone in the organization including our founder. Also, you'll never have to worry about having a sales person or greenhorn watching over your money.

Another benefit is that unlike larger firms, we don’t peddle in-house or third party products to our clients for extra fees or commissions. Our passion is advocating for our clients and ensuring the continued growth and protection of the wealth they've entrusted to us. This is why the only investment opportunities we present to our clients are the same ones which we've carefully examined, researched, and invested into ourselves.

What do I need to know about before moving forward with Tetley Investments?

You should know that working with Tetley Investments is not like the experience people often grumble about at other “big box” firms. We approach every aspect of the client-and-adviser relationship in a friendly and personal way. We're looking for people who, like the rest of our clients, are interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with an advisor they can trust and ward off those with short-term or unrealistic expectations. We strive, every day to continue to earn our clients’ trust and help them achieve consistent long-last financial security, and attract new investors that could also benefit from our personal approach to wealth management.

What types of investment strategies does Tetley provide?

We view our main professional task as helping each of our clients identify, understand, and commit consistently and continually to investment strategies that are both realistic and appropriate based on their objectives. We believe portfolios should focus on investing in seasoned businesses with durable competitive advantages that is best achieved by allocating large portions of client portfolios in Individual Stocks and Individual Bonds. It is our hope that when our clients invest with us they visualize themselves as a part owner or lender to enterprises in which they expect to remain with for an extended time, similar to individuals who own a farm or small business with members of their family.

What types of fees can I expect to be charged?

At Tetley Investments we're firm believers in transparency and trust. It's an unfortunate truth that many financial advisors promote products for which they receive oversized commissions and incentives for. Worse, many times their investments recommendations may not always be in line with what is most suitable to a particular client or their portfolio. Despite this unfortunate reality, we believe in being an advocate for our clients and not for financial products. Unlike many other firms, we only charge a single, flat rate fee, which is deducted monthly. We're proud to charge only for our investment advice without any regard for payments on financial products. This means no kickbacks, product fees or incentives of any kind - only what's best for your portfolio. We stand behind our enduring process and our ability to deliver results without the conflicts inherent at so many other firms. It's yet another way we put our clients first.

What kind of contract or obligations should I expect?

The mutual trust and relationship we share with every client allows us to provide the luxury of never locking up clients with contracts or obligations.

At Tetley Investments, our strategy is always to invest capital for the long-term. However, every investment we recommend will have daily liquidity, so that our clients never have to worry about backend charges, extended holding periods, or contracts.

Our clients continue to trust Tetley Investments and have embraced the long-term partnership that our "no contract policy" allows. Not surprisingly, our client turnover is extremely low and it's something we're very proud of. Most of our clients work with us for life, further opening up that relationship into future generations within their families. If you're ready, we'd love to talk to you.



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